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TrabaSackTRASABACK a new concept very functional and lightweight bag - fulfills the function of both the table and backpack holding a special insert in order to be leveled, it is located on your feet, when he acts as your personal table. In addition, the table surface is made of a special material, which with the help of Velcro (Velcro), we can probably fix a variety of items such as a mug, notebook, pen, etc.. This prevents items from sliding off the surface of the table when moving the cart. Bag is also equipped with a number of strips for mounting on the back of the truck straight and when you use it as a table to prevent it from slipping off. Trabasack is available in two types: Mini and Curve.


e supportGTM e-Support is a combination of a light truck with an active electric trolley. In this model, the active bogie frame is combined with modern power augmentation electrically. Propulsion engines are placed in the wheels and support the movement of the truck, depending on the force applied to the driving sequences, which allows for the active participation of the user in driving the truck. Can be mounted control via keypad (joystick). The drive can be switched off, thus obtaining a truck driven only activated manually.

This solution is a great alternative to the typical electric night. This wheelchair is directed to people whose mobility needs of electric drive, but would not want to give up the opportunity to self-propel a wheelchair, which has a direct impact on the increase or maintain mobility. The presented solution eSupport can be fitted to any truck with our offer. 


FreeWheelFREEWHEEL this is what you need to easily navigate through the grass, snow, hiking trails and enjoy a safe ride down the bumpy paths, sidewalks and curbs. No need to sit on the sidelines, always ask for some help, or miss the fun. After joining freewheel'a to your cart, you turn the wheel 180 degrees, and the front wheels of your wheelchair float to the top. Since then, the truck moves on wheels and freewheel'u rear and the front bogie wheels have no contact with the ground. Curb weight of the complete freewheel'a only 2.34 kg. When not in use, just Transporting dangerous to shackle him back the truck, using the same clip, which connects it with the footrest. Perfect for travel, due to its compact size.

Tenis - GTM Open

GTM Open animacja


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