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Production process

proces produkcjiEvery wheelchair is individually adjusted to its user. Individual solutions for specific needs depending on anthropometric features and user’s mobility, selection of appropriate accessories and attention to detail satisfy the most demanding users.

All components are made from high quality materials selected during numerous analysis and tests. Our wheelchairs are very light thanks to their components what results in high mobility, effortless operation and user’s comfort.

The production of a wheelchair beings at the time of taking measures of a disabled person and selecting the best solutions for a user during the first consultation. At the meeting we choose the best solutions that are made-to-measure. All necessary information is noted down on an individual wheelchair specification form by our consultant. Our consultants are often disabled people who can help with their experience and give advice while choosing a wheelchair or its additional components.

When the order is accepted, GTM – MOBIL M- T. Walisiewicz Sp. Komandytowa starts the production. We do our best to produce a made-to-measure and high quality wheelchair without any construction defects to meet our Clients’ requirements.

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Opening Hours:

The company is open on weekdays from 8.00 am to 16.00



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GTM mobil

GTM – MOBIL M- T. Walisiewicz Sp. Komandytowa
ul. Dorodna 16
03-195 Warszawa, Poland


FreeWheelFREEWHEEL this is what you need to easily navigate through the grass, snow, hiking trails and enjoy a safe ride down the bumpy paths, sidewalks and curbs. No need to sit on the sidelines, always ask for some help, or miss the fun. After joining freewheel'a to your cart, you turn the wheel 180 degrees, and the front wheels of your wheelchair float to the top. Since then, the truck moves on wheels and freewheel'u rear and the front bogie wheels have no contact with the ground. Curb weight of the complete freewheel'a only 2.34 kg. When not in use, just Transporting dangerous to shackle him back the truck, using the same clip, which connects it with the footrest. Perfect for travel, due to its compact size.

GTM – MOBIL M- T. Walisiewicz Sp. Komandytowa

GTM MOBIL C2020 en mIs a Polish company engaged in designing and manufacturing wheelchairs for active rehabilitation and professional sports trucks. Collaboration during the design process and the subsequent operation of our trucks with the people that use the same equipment on a daily basis results in a very successful designs. Continuous improvement of our products and work on new projects makes our equipment always comes to the demands of its users.

In addition, each of our truck is individually selected to the user depending on the individual characteristics of anthropometric and mobility. This means that we get free of charge to our customers to help make the selection of professional truck and suggest the best solution at the lowest price.

We are happy to announce that GTM MOBIL has introduced comprehensive quality management system and now conforms to ISO 9001:2015. GTM Mobil demonstrates the ongoing ability to provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality management system, while increasing the quality of our products and services.


Handbike - GTM Blackbird

handbike plener

The GTM Blackbird ™ is a high performance handbike for extreme athletes. The characteristic horizontal design combined with the best quality 7020 aluminum alloy ensure a unique stiffness and lower energy losses during the performance. Intentionally  ground clearance reduced and low center of gravity make the bike more stable on the road and allows the rider to focus on cycling only.

Creating the GTM Blackbird ™  was preceded by over a year of testing and consultation with the best handbikes riders.


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    We invite you to familiarize with the offer forklift to stabilize the head and back. Thanks to a special stabilizing system in a number of pelota, sailing and belts we are able to accommodate all of our trucks are produced to meet the specific and individual needs of customers. Below you will find examples of these trucks. For further information please contact our sales office.

    Pallet according to the degree of disability, have the additional feature:

    • adjustable headrest,
    • height adjustable backrest - adjustable seat depth,
    • can adjust the angle of the backrest,
    • stabilizing strips,
    • anatomically, wedges

    If the functional status of these items is not required, and only restrict the smooth movement of the wheelchair, it is possible to remove the unnecessary parts of stabilizing.

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GTM-Junior animacja


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